” Ms. Marissa has partnered with me with some of the most landmark brand activation projects which today has been unrivalled in terms of their scale and meaning the Filipino consumers. Lady’s Choice Christmasterpiece was one of the first marketing projects that institutionalized a partnership with the local communities, the mayors, the townsfolk and other national agencies that culminated in showcasing the bayanihan spirit of people during Christmas season. As a landmark project, she was able to help foster a long-term relationship with organizations that mobilized the project, that included the league of Cities and Municipalities in the Philippines. “


Alex Dan

Mondelez Philippines Inc.

” Ed and Marissa Dames have been key partners for Unilever for many years. Their understanding of the brand coupled with their insightful creativity has led to very successful campaigns for Unilever, notably Close-up Whattamouth Xtreme Billboard and Lady’s Choice Christmasterpiece. All of these campaigns brought the brands to life and generated talkabilty at a national scale. “


Benjie Yap

Vice President for Customer Development, Unilever Philippines


” Ed and Marissa Dames are the best brand partners I have met in my 15 years as a marketer.We met each other when I pitched the brand activation project for Lady’s Choice in its 50th year anniversary. Among all the activation agencies we met, they impressed us with their creativity and ambition. They presented the Lady’s Choice Christmasterpiece idea and we loved it.

During the time that we worked together on Christmasterpiece, we learned more about their excellent work ethic, ability to inspire & motivate their team and their partnership mindset. This campaign won several internal and external awards and it inspired a lot of Filipinos across the country to have a meaningful Christmas.

We continued working with Ed and Marissa afterwards and they started to get more projects in
Unilever. That is proof of the quality of work and leadership they possess. “


Rudy Ramin

Former Sr. Brand Development Manager, Unilever (Philippines/Singapore)